PC's, Laptops and Parts for Sale

I produce systems with premiere components to your budget. I have had systems brought to me built or purchased elsewhere where the parts where of substandard and cheap quality. This means they have not lasted the test of time or been fit for purpose.

I build your PC or spec your laptop to what your needs are. Making sure that the parts you buy are of premiere quality and both tried and tested for reliability and performance. Unlike buying a PC in a superstore, you will not be paying for components that you do not need. The system will be built with an aim to be upgradable and not soldered together which is false economy (If on a cheap system all the parts are soldered to the board, if one part goes wrong, you can effectively lose the whole system). This is not the case with a bespoke system, where individual parts can be replaced or upgraded as needed.

When you buy a system from me, you are also purchasing my support for that system. A lot of my business is developed through recommendation, you can only gain recommendations if the service you provide is both good and reliable.

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